Solutions & Services


Digital Solutions

• Revenue Cycle Management RCM.

• Insurance System. 

• Integration Engine. 

• Medical Coding. 

• Voice Recognition.

• Population Health. 

• Customer Experience. 

• Tracking System. 

• Workflow management.

• Electronic Medical Record. 

• Data Management 

• Blockchain Technology

• Artificial Intelligent AI 


Digital Services

• Digital Pharma. 

• PACS (Tele Radiology).

• Digital LAB.

• Clinical Information System.

• Tele Health. 

Project Management

• Project Management Standards.

• Resource Evaluation.

• Project Planning.

• Project Review & Analysis.

• Executing assigned projects. 

Customer Care

• Dealing with customers through various ways.

• Response to customer complaints.

• Administration Management.

• Maintain customer database.

• Coordinate & communicate with company’s internal department.

• Handle & process the customer request, forms, applications, and orders. 

• Manage the customer accounts. 

Our Functions

1. Value Creation & Performance

Quantify and convey to clients the value generated by our project managers, along with the total savings and cost-effectiveness achieved.

2. World Class People & Talent  

Recruit, develop, and retain world-class professionals through our Talent Strategy initiative and accredited Training & Skills for New Dimension.

3. Tools & Technology

Leverage the technology platform for advanced solutions and dashboard visuals for optimized project delivery and results tracking.

4. Local Market Expertise

Harness the capabilities and knowledge of our global professionals’ network with depth of local market intelligence and breadth of resources.

5. Strategic Sourcing

Decrease capital expenditures and increase the value we bring to our clients through an exclusive strategic sourcing program.

6. Global Alignment

Our global network & expertise enhance performance and the results that we deliver to our clients.

7. Risk Mitigation

Mitigate business risks to our clients through active management of budget, scope, schedule, process playbooks, and our Dimension programs.

8. Smart Solutions

We adopt our clients’ business goals to deliver custom project management solutions tailored to individual client needs.

9. Sustainability

We aim to create a work environment that promotes occupational well-being, providing individuals with conscientious training solutions through credential programs.

10. Operational Excellence

Enhance consistent delivery and operational excellence by utilizing our program and performance metrics for reviewing and improving initiatives.